Team HDC

Hound hunting is a heritage that has been passed down through generations. It is a sport that has become a passion for many. The houndsman not only has a respect for the harvest but also a deep appreciation to the hound.
There is a bond that is often overlooked between the hunter and the hound. The harvest is not always the goal , more so it's the opportunity to be outdoors with friends and family who enjoy watching hounds do what they are born to do. The goal I hope to reach is to bring a united front both politically and socially for all hound hunters whether it is bear, fox, deer, hog or coon. I want to present  a positive image of hound hunting to everyone with the hopes of winning more support for the sport from the general public. 

Understand that as hunters we need unity not division . It's not about gun vs bows or hounds vs still hunting. Just as we protect our rights to keep our firearms , we also protect our hounds. Each day another hound is getting killed or harmed. Times are changing and the world we know is at a great threat of becoming the world we knew...... Support each other
HDC takes the profits from the sales of apparels and uses it to offer rewards to dogs who have been shot. 

GOD bless the hound and the houndsman. 



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